HAPPA HAPPA: Colours Of Autumn

Today I add a new category to my blog, called HAPPA HAPPA. Which means food, eating, indulgence in german baby language. I started to post pictures of the food I am cooking on Facebook over a year ago and also make a video while cooking.

To cut a long story short, I am a girl, certainly I went through every stadium of eating disorder since I was a teenager. Times, when I ate laxatives like candy. Times, when I got used to stick my finger up my throat to get rid of food. Then I had times where I put on weight because I stuffed myself with food out of frustration, stress or boredom. I only thought about eating night and day, night and day. If I think about it now, it seems unbelieveable that this was me.

Then again I lost weight because I fell in love, paired with an extrem stressfull working period,so I completely forgot to eat. I gained only 50 kg (110 lb) which was the weight I had always dreamed about and you know what? It looked awful! It didn’t fit me. My head looked like a balloon and you could see every single bone stick out under my skin.

So I decided I have to change my eating habbits and find my perfect weight.

And that’s what I did. It’s easy. Now I gain between 57-60 kg ( 125-132 lb), I feel healthy and well rounded. I only eat when I am hungry. I stop when I am full and I don’t have to eat up if I don’t want to. I eat very healthy, tons of vegetables and fruits and yeah, I love carbs, I need them, otherwise I feel weak and feeble.

And I’m hungry for action. I am not into sports too much even though I go swimming and do yoga exercises. I prefer physical training I can integrate into my every-day-life such as walking, cleaning or sex ;)
With showing you my food pictures, I want to inspire you to cook for yourself ( and yes it is possible and worth it to cook for one single person!) and just be good to yourself!

Today I bought such beautiful colourful chard, I had to document it. I made mashed potatoes, chard with cream and diced tofu marinated in sweet-sour- and soy-sauce.


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  1. Lisa schreibt:

    hmmmmmmm, Lieblingsessen

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