Oh, I hate clowns and find them annoying, most of the time not even funny.

But at some point in my life ( not so long ago actually, maybe it was the day last summer when I visited the circus*) I realized that I am a clown myself.

My exboyfriend once said to me: Oh, how I hate clowns! and I answered him: You’ve been sleeping with one for the last 3 years!

So every week I will literally turn myself into another clown, starting today with the colourful Hangover Clown:

* The Day I Went To The Circus: In summer 2010 I stayed in a small village in Brandenburg near Berlin with a friend and we decided to go to the small Circus, that was visiting. I hadn’t been to the circus since I was a child. It was oh-so-nice, but we two Berlin people must have looked like aliens to the people from the village, they kept starring at us and during the break I heared one woman say to another: Ah, look, they do NOT belong to the circus :D HAHAHAHAHA.

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