Society Bitchin’…

Last friday I’ve been to one of those events again with free drinks, a couple of celebrities and tons of wannabes, bad music and those society photographers who take your picture.

Our dear friends from the viennese fashion label  Mark&Julia won two awards this night, therefore it was really a good one and owing to the free drinks I was swimming on a wave of joy, meeting new people, flirting and dancing until I had no energy left (not totaly true, but that’s another story…)

The happy winners Mark and Julia with Marcel Ostertag, but look (!) -  Samatha Jones sits in the first row…

The next day I looked up the event photos on the internet and it’s always the same:

I don’t really recognize myself in these pictures, because I have such an artificial smile/seductive look, I wonder where this comes from, I must have invented it at some point …(together with the descripitions, all the pictured friends sound like muy importante which they naturally are!!!)

(with my friend Christoph from Viva Models)

So I started looking through my photo album for some more artificialness and here you go, tatarataaaa, Society Sophia Galore ( WHO THE FUCK IS THIS WOMAN??)

(with DJ associate Sweet Susie at Techno Cafe/Vienna)

(with DJ associate AC Casey/Tigeress at Snowhite Music Night/Berlin)

(with my editor from Volume Magazin, Michael Ledl at Fashion against Aids/Vienna)

(at the catwalk of DU BIST DIE MODE! (la mode c’est vous)/Galeries Lafayette/Berlin)

(with another smiling DJ at the Kilian-Kerner-FW-Aftershow-Party/Berlin)

(with DJ associate Barbara Schellner at Fatboy Slim concert/Vienna)

(with musician Magali Arnoux/Agent Cooper, LessTalkMoreRock-DJ associate Barbara Schellner and editor Stefan Niederwieser/The Gap at some concert in Vienna)

That’s the way I should look on these pictures more…

(with DJ associates Moogle and Johnny Yen at Planetarium/Vienna)

(at some Vice Party/Vienna)

…or just turn around…

( with DJ associate Barbara Schellner at 15 minutes of fame/Vienna)

Anyway, did I mention that I love those events? Bitching about people with your gay friends, drinking, more bitching, more drinking,…

Über ohsophia

This Is The Fast Lane, This Is Where I Live.
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