My Funny Words Collection

I collected some funny words, german words which I thought were just funny because of their sound or what they look like in an aestethic way. It’s not so important to understand their meaning, but if you want to know, I linked them with pictures or videos that might explain them…








And then …also one english word.  Haberdashery . I fell in love with this word on the streets of London in 2007 when I saw it written on a shop sign. To show my love to this funny word, me and some friends used it for our life appearance at an Elvis Tribute Concert in Vienna shortly after the London trip, calling ourselves for the evening:

Sophia & The Haberdasherys.

(the shop left to it isn’t bad either. called get stuffed, where you can get your deceased pets stuffed…)

Über ohsophia

This Is The Fast Lane, This Is Where I Live.
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  1. Colin schreibt:

    Super Blog, gefaellt mir.

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