Vienna Calling - The To-Do List

Hello, Hello - Vienna Calling! Here I am…I slept around 6 hours. In the last 4 nights…

I am a littlebit sad. Because my Guns N’Roses cup broke yesterday.

Because I couldn’t attend all the Berlin Fashion Week Parties

Pumpkin soup cheers me up though…

…and vintage celebrity penis pics ( think there will be some more posting about that soon…)

This cheers me up, too…

Tonight I am DJing at FSK/Pratersaune/Vienna  from 2.30 a.m. -Vienners - come around!

Tuesday I do D.I.Y. - Tattooing for spreading the green dot disease

click here for details - Come and get a green dot/heart!!

Random Johnny Depp photo (cheers me up and keeps me awake).

Thursday I am DJing at B72 / Club Volume…with a bunch of pretty boys playing Rock’n'Roll…


Lalala, listening to:

Über ohsophia

This Is The Fast Lane, This Is Where I Live.
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