Tigeress In Munich/Party Pics

Hi Fellas,
The weekend is over, I look quite disfigured, having a chemical reaction from Saturday’s Glitter Make Up, but anyway, we had a blast and I hope you - Munich - too!

Friday we djing at (the new) Platzhirsch bar where they built an interesting DJ booth (we’re not completely convinced if it works, let’s put it that way…). There’s only a small window in the wall and you’re literally standing in the bar’s office, happy enough if guest recognize you at all…So we had our little office party there and tried to make  the best out of it…

Saturday was Pimpernel crazyness again, this time no blood, no feathers, just good old confettis (and this fucking glitter)…

…but back to friday…

…we need more light, Oh Thanks!

We need more drinks, Oh Thanks!

“Sophia, I don’t want to see this on your blog tomorrow…”


Saturday, all dressed up…

Touch-a-touch-a-touch me!

Listening to:

Über ohsophia

This Is The Fast Lane, This Is Where I Live.
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