Sisters Are Doin’ It For Themselves

Today is International Women’s Day.

I am a woman. I love it.

(…not so much if I bleed once a month or if I can’t get in situations I could as a man, because I know it’s too dangerous/unappropriate.

Like visiting a thai strip bar alone in the middle of the night or having a drink at the bar without looking for company or being patronized by some macho asshole, stuff like that…)

But apart from that - I love it.

And there’s so many beautiful, inspiring women out there, you can find some of them on my “inspiration“-site, but today I wanna pay hommage to the inspiring women I call my friends…so many, I have to make a choice (so don’t be angry if you’re not named here, there’s always a next women’s day!)

Alisa Zillmann, (hat) designer from Berlin

Anna Kohlweis, musician and artist from Vienna

Berivan Sayici, artist from Vienna

Caro Matzko, journalist, radio- and tv-presenter from Munich

Cindy Wunderbar, DJ, musician and promoter from Berlin

Elsa Okazaki, photographer/visual artist from Vienna

Jasmin Lünstroth, graphic designer, artist, free mind from Berlin

Kathrin Krottenthaler, cinematographer/cutter from Berlin

Katja Hentschel, photographer/blogger, because she made me start this blog(!)

Kira Stachowitsch, chief editor of Indie Magazine and Material Girl

Madeleine Machold, stylist from Berlin

Mary Ocher, musician/artist from Berlin

Miriam Schaaf, fashion designer from Munich

Nella Beljan, writer/journalist from Berlin

Nina AC Casey, musician/dj/artist  from Berlin

Rana Farahani, DJ/Producer from Vienna

Reka Csiszér, singer/(performance) artist from Vienna

Suz, social media manager/editor /club owner/DJ

Teresa Buecker, journalist/editor/blogger  from Berlin

Wibke Wetzker, chief editor of Spex Magazine from Berlin

Vera Kropf, singer/musician in Half Girl and Luise Pop

Listening to:

Über ohsophia

This Is The Fast Lane, This Is Where I Live.
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