Memory Of The Day # 30

…when I was attending a chemistry experiment course in senior class.

Yeah, I am the one who tries to act most stupid and wears 3 pairs of safety googles..

My purpose was to blow up school - I guess…

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Daily Happa #79/ Herbs Soup Is Heaven

Yesterday I woke up and decided I was hungry for herbs!
I wanted to make a herbs soup like my grandma did, so I went to the turkish grocery and to the supermarket and looked what herbs I could find there.
And that’s what I used:

fresh basil
fresh parsley
fresh dill

fresh daisies
radish sprouts
a small package of deep frozen herbs mix

First I used 3 middle-sized potatoes and 3 shallots to create  a base.

Peeled and sliced, I roasted them in olive oil, then added around 500 ml of vegetable stock and boiled it till it got very soft, almost mashy. Then I puréed the thing and added the minced herbs mixture…

Then I cooked it for a few minutes, only long enough that the herbs get a little softer but still remain al dente ;)

I refined it with 2-3 teaspoons of Crème fraîche , stirred it again with an egg whisk and then served it with the daisies on top.

Mjam Mjam!

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Tigeress Do White Trash/ Photos

Hot Pics By Christian Schorm , Merci Bien!!

Lovely Jackee Word did sexy dancing:

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Monday Morning Glory #26/ Half DJ Half Gourmand

Thursday and Friday night I spent djing (Bravo Bar/White Trash). Both nights were a shitload of fun, yet I was so exhausted, I spent the rest of the weekend going for a walk, watching movies, hanging out with friends and, of course, EATING.

fried egg with dried tomatoes and black olives inside, comes with spicy korean kimchi

organic strawberry yoghurt with fresh vanilla, agave syrup and mint leaves…

Uh, there’s a Ninja in my bedroom!

easter bunnies all dead.

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Daily Happa #78/Asparagus Must!

Holladiro - it’s asparagus season!

I started out with the green one…
Green salad with tomatoes, grilled green asparagus, roasted seeds and a blue cheese dressing…

Green asparagus and potatoes in truffle butter with a (kind of) light herbs sauce…


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Daily Happa #77/Fantastic Radish Pesto

I read that you can make pesto out of radish leaves and I was so curious that I had to find out how it tastes. These little red radishes are a very common regional german product, they are tasty, healthy and cheap.

But this time I concentrated on the leaves…

washing them very carefully…

…then throwing together Grana Padano, a handful of roasted walnuts and almonds, salt, pepper, the leaves and a sip of olive oil…

…into the blender…

and mix with wholemeal spaghettis and little bits of the red radish…

Really really good!

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Quatsch With Owen Clarke (Hot Chip)

I just came back from doing an interview with Hot Chip for the upcoming Volume Magazin (Wieners, make a note because they gonna play at Frequency Festival). So after the serious part, I talked the charming Owen Clarke into playing this little silly old “I give you a sentence - you show me the face”-game with me!

1. “If looks could kill a.k.a. you’re djing and somebody has an annoying request”

2. “You’re a giggling teenager and the teacher said something about sex…”

3. “You’re a beautiful princess, have been sleeping for 100 years and as the prince kisses you awake, you realise it’s Justin Bieber!”

4. “Kiss my Ass”

5. “You’ve been awake for 48 hours”

By the way, the new album “In Your Heads” will be released at the 8th of june 2012 (Domino Records) and let me tell you - it is amazing!

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