Daily Happa #104/ Monochrome Dinner At Merkezi Gallery

Hello Food Lovers!

Next sunday I will cook a dinner at Merkezi Gallery in Berlin Kreuzberg, this beautiful venue that hosts Fashion Events as Designer Scouts as well as exhibitions and all kind of mouth-watering dining events. (Thanks iHeartBerlin for the announcement in their weekly event guide!)

(photo: shambo.de)

Two weeks ago I cooked there at their regular dining event Family Times, here’s a little review on Shambo.de by Suz !

(photo: Merkezi)

This time it’s gonna be much more complex and mind-blowing, I cook a MONOCHROME DINNER, means every course (4) comes in only ONE COLOUR.


As I’ll spend the whole week cooking and preparing I can already tell you about the first 3 courses which will be RED and YELLOW and GREEN:

(red bread - no artificial food colours used)

Amuse Gueule:

I red baby burger with red onions, dried tomatoes, red spread and red pesto cheese


Yellow carrot almond soup with apricot chutney and sweet potato chips

Main Course:

Wasabi-Pea-Purée with seasonal glazed Vegetables and Tofu-Balcony-Herbs-Falafel, crumbed in Pumpkin Seeds with a Bit Of Pumpkin Oil


Here’s the Facebook Event, join us - it is gonna be a great and delicious way to spend a sunday night, if summer’s still there we gonna dine outside and…of course there will be a yummy Schnippelboy with me, serving you!

The dinner costs 15 Euro (4 courses), is vegetarian mostly vegan, drinks come from the bar and it is necessary to send me a binding email to [email protected] for I have to know until FRIDAY for how many people I will cook.

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2 Antworten auf Daily Happa #104/ Monochrome Dinner At Merkezi Gallery

  1. karla k.k. sagt:

    Hinweis: an Amuse Gueule is a single bite. What you have in the foto is a starter.

    • oh,sophia sagt:

      Ich übertreibe eben immer gerne. Aber wörtlich übersetzt soll es ja einfach den Gaumen erfreuen, ich bin da nicht so dogmatisch, das Erfreuen steht an erster Stelle :)

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