Daily Happa #135:Let Them Eat (Bread) Cake - SMÖRGÅSTÅRTA

As I was spending most of my easter weekend in Stockholm, I decided to try out a traditional swedish recipe, the Smörgåstårta-which is basically a cake made out of bread and filled with salty stuff.

Traditionally there’s a lot of mayonaise used, we chose a more low calory way with cream cheese instead. We filled the glutenfree bread we baked with…

-plain cream cheese

-self made lime-avocado spread

-green almond-stuffed olives

-garden radish

-cucumber sclices

-beetroot salad

-smoked salmon (I know, not vegetarian but sometimes I get weak)

-boiled eggs




-swedish dill sauce

Then we decorated it and left it in the fridge overnight!

Wow, whatta cake!

Really tasty and won’t leave anybody hungry, I promise!

Happy Easter, You Lovely Eaters!

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