Daily Happa #65/ Monochrome Cooking/WHITE

Yesterday when I looked into my fridge, I had this idea to cook a meal in only one colour.

I was not the first one to have this idea, actually I saw this once in an exhibition but I forgot the name of the artist and still can’t find it via google, so if one of you crazy arty people knows it, please tell me!!!

Anyway, I started with a white dish, today will be green, I am working my way through the rainbow…

so this is: grilled chicory with tofu and feta cheese, iceberg lettuce with fennel, roasted almonds and a lemon-horse radish dressing
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3 Antworten auf Daily Happa #65/ Monochrome Cooking/WHITE

  1. Clara sagt:

    aaahhh jetzt weiß ichs wieder…Sophie Calle!

    liebe Grüße,

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