Daily Happa # 8/ Fantastic Choco-Coco-Clusters

I am living with two Blue Meanies, you remember these annoying little fellas that were in the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine movie? Yeah, real troublemakers…and the only thing to calm them down is Sweets, Sweets,Sweets. So yesterday when they started a riot in my bathtub while I wanted to relax, I decided to make some of my easy-but-oh-so-exquisite Choco-Coco-Clusters - and, man, it helped!

Here’s the recipe:

2 cups of sugar-free Cornflakes

2 cups of coconut flakes

a handful of minced almonds

50 g butter or margarine

150 g dark chocolate

150 g milk chocolate

Roast the coconut flakes gently in a pan without fat until they are slightly brown, then mix them with the cornflakes in a big bowl.

Roast the almonds as well and also add them to the mixture.

Prepare a bain-marie and slowly melt the dark and the milk chocolate in it.

When it is all fluid, add the butter and stir well with a fork.

Pour the delicious chocolate mud over the Cornflake-Coco-Almond-Mix and after you mixed it all well together, form little clusters with two spoons and put them on a cutting board. Then let it chill n the fridge or on the balcony.

AND THEN - Serve it to the Blue Meanies and hope they leave some for you…

By the way, did I mention that, if I will ever give birth to a son, he will be called Ringo?

Schönen Sonntag!






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