Porn Inspired Pumpkin Pasta

Yesterday when I was peeling apples to make apple purée I watched Trash TV. The show was called Mein Promi Restaurant -  D-list V.I.P.’s trying to open up restaurants. Former porn actor and producer Dolly Buster is about to open a pasta specialized restaurant chain called Buster Pasta, ah ja…

Because I was trying hard to distract myself from finishing an article about the fascination of evil in fashion, art and popculture (yes, indeed), I had the spontanious idea to prepare filled pasta.

Just for me. To treat me with something delicious.

I made a dough and put a few fresh herbs in it, filled it with Hokaido pumpkin-garlic spread and served it with green endive salad and a Ricotta-goat cheese sauce. Mjam!

No recipe this time, but there will be more pasta fun soon, I promise!

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