It’s Playtime/ Photos

Yesterday I cooked my second monthly dinner at Merkezi Gallery in Berlin Kreuzberg, the theme was PLAYTIME, so I made a table decoration that would have been adequate for a proper children’s birthday!

Without my marvelous Schnippelboy Manuel I wouldn’t have been able to fight my way through this complex 4-course menu!

All photos by Liudmila Savelieva.

The Menu:

Amuse Gueule: The Exhausted Sacrificial Lamb/Cauliflower body with black olive head, almond ears and Grissini legs on a light curry base

Starter: The Happy Hipster with a Tote Bag/ Mixed Summer Salad with nectarines, tomatoes, radish, a classic vinaigrette, pumpkin glazed with agave-syrup-rosemary-olive oil and pumpernickel with chickpea-red lentil-spread

Main Course: Countryside idyll (with a sudden change of weather)/ Polenta, radish mushrooms, green baby asparagus, sweetheart cabbage, onion rings, dried tomato and purple carrot flowers, pak choi trees and a river of zucchini-herbs-sauce - if required Feta cheese (snowfall)

Dessert: The drunk puppy that stumbled into a fig/vegan chocolate cupcake with Coitreau icing and a fig

Thanks everybody for coming and watch out for the next dinner!

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  2. uta hoffmann sagt:

    Gefällt mir sehr! Weiter so!!! Glück und Erfolg für Sophia!!!

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