Normally I am not such a big fan of things you don’t really need that are just decoratice yet not very useful (ACHJA??)

But as I saw this, I thought, it looks so something inbetween weird, pretty and unique that I have to have it.
A very fragile porcelain hook that looks like the cut-off delicate forefinger of Snow White.

photo: Anette Herrmann

The german artist, Anette Herrmann, who makes them, sells them on etsy (they are 15 Euro each, very reasonable as they are handmade),it’s called EINHAKEN, go to her shop here…

So yesterday I placed it on my wall…

I was tempted to put some red nailpolish on the little cute nail, but I didn’t…

Now Snow White holds the necklace with my very own wisdom teeth, that has been a lucky charm for many many years…

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