Fake It Easy Dinner/ Photos

Last thursday I cooked another dinner at Merkezi gallery in Berlin Kreuzberg, the motto was: Fake It Easy!

The Menu:

Amuse Gueule: Lollipop & Popsicle ( compact tomato consomme & frozen grapes)

Starter: Cherry Cupcake ( chili corn muffin w. vegan egg-salad-creme, balsamico cherry tomato, pink hibiscus salt and dried summer blossoms)

Main: Mediterranean Lamb With Rice ( fake lamb w. veggies and rice noodles)

Dessert: French Fries, Fried Egg with a Spoon ( pinapple, raspberry sauce, coconut pudding, vanilla cooked abricot, banana cookie)

(The whole menu was vegan)

Thanks to Tina Linster for taking these amazing photos and to Schnippelboy  Julian, Service Girl Manuela and Johannes from Merkezi and of course to you - MY LOVELY GUESTS!!

















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  1. […] erste Mal habe ich diese putzigen salzigen Artverwandten des beliebten süßen Cupcakes für mein Fake-It-Easy-Dinner zubereitet. Damals bekamen die Mais-Chili-Muffins einen veganen Eiersalat verpasst, auch sehr […]

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