From Russia With Love #3 vs. Daily Happa/ Russian Style New York Cheesecake

Yesterday I decided to treat my nice hosts with a selfmade cake. I love Cheesecake and I wanted to check out the small russian supermarket next door, so I tried my best to find all the ingredients with only knowing 3 words of Russian (Thank You! Hello! Cheers!).

Insertion: Moscow Metro Station: Be impressed for a second, please!

I kinda worked out, even if I had to buy German Cream Cheese to make sure it is cream cheese inside ;)

So I bought nice russian cookies, butter, cream cheese, russian sour cream, milk, sugar and cherries

I crumbled the cookies, mixed with the melted butter and built a pastry case from that. Put it in the fridge to chill a bit.

Then I mixed the cream cheese, sour cream, a little bit of milk and some sugar (I also added a trace of orange zest)and pitted the cherries…

Then put this on top of the cold pastry case and baked it in the oven (180 ° Celsius) for around 40 Min.

Olga, my host, said it’s the best cake she’s ever eaten, well, I guess she exaggerates a bit, but - yes - it is yummy!

That was fun and I love the idea to take a very traditional American recipe and turn it into Russian, yay!

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