What’s In The Magic Box? Testing Kochzauber…

I love presents, but what I don’t like too much is cook books.

I mean - reading recipes as an inspiration is great but I don’t need to follow them step by step because I have way too much culinaric creativity going on in my brains, so…when Kochzauber sent me one of their boxes for testing with ingredients for 3 proper meals, I told them:

“Be prepared - we’ll see what I’ll make out of your stuff!”

I got the vegetarian box, it was not possible to order a vegan option yet so my Mitteschön collegue was very happy when she got the organic cheese, yoghurt and creme fraiche. A bit too much packaging materials for my taste, would be great if they would invent a recycable version of the boxes!

So I made the glassnoodle salad with lime, pak choi, peanuts and was not worried about not eating it with mint yoghurt, thai people would never eat it with mint yoghurt…

instead I added crunchy tofu cubes with sweet-sour marinade!

We enjoyed it at a lovely sundown picknick at the Kanal…

The next day my lovely DJ sista AC CASEY and I spontaniously invited some friends for a vegan Barbecue. So I changed the other two recipes and instead of a warm potatoe beetroot curry gratin with gouda cheese I made a potatoe cellery avocado beetroot salad with vegan curry mayonnaise . For the bruscette I used vegan “cheese” spread instead of feta cheese …

It was a lovely night and everybody enjoyed the buffett which was also a test run for my vegan Barbecue coming up next week in Munich!

Kochzauber  is a good invention for people that have little time for and creativity in the kitchen, if they improve their packing concept and add vegan boxes to their offers - I would love that!
But for me it will always be very hard to stick to a recipe - I really can’t ;)
















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