Balkonia Salada

Huiii, I started happy balkoning and planting the seeds for Happa Selbstversorgung this summer (we’ll see what the rainiest may in German’s weather reports will make of that…)

but salad is served already, here are 3 variations of salad with crunchy tofu bits! <3

And believe me - self-raised salad tastes a 1000 times better than the one you get at the supermarket!

In the photos:

My very own salad…that’s not a mess, that’s creative chaos…and Happy Balkoning works best if you wear a Onesie by Urban Classics in the  same colour as the balcony!!!

My salad, served with crunchy tofu sticks, coated in minced pumpkin seeds, coconut bits and a few wholemeal breadcrumbs (works best if you first soak them in a mixture of warm water, lemon juice and wholemeal flour)… with pesto marinated crunchy grilled tofu cubes, black sesame, carrots, sprouts, garden cucumber…with gently roasted broccoli, basil tofu crunchers, carrots and avocado…











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