I Do The Swim - Underwater Love

Me, I love water and swimming. I love oceans, lakes and swimming pools.

My dream is to own a red swimmingpool one day - it would look like you would dive in ox blood, I don’t eat beef but I like the idea…

In the meantime I oscillate between beautiful Berlin-Suburb lakes, trashy public swimming pools, posh rooftop hang-outs and sometimes the sea for holiday…like…

Berlin Prinzenbad public swimming pool:

The first time I went there, there was a mass fight, once when I was there, there was a knife fight and all the people where evacuated, but in general it is very nice, they have a lot of securities and fries are very cheap - 1,70 Euro!

(cheapest bikini in the world: 1 Euro Shop/ 4,95 Euro -french fries belly:priceless)

(Madeleine and her style: priceless/ rubber shoes: Superga)

Sacrower See : go to Rathaus Spandau and then take the 639 bus to Seepromenade - there’s a nice Restaurant called Landleben there, it maybe a bit crowded, but the lake is very beautiful and you can take a big walk around if you feel like it…and if you don’t mind to see fat men’s poopoo holes because it is a half nude beach…

Soho Housebest view over Alexanderplatz, heart of Berlin. For members only or friends of members, so become friend with a member - that’s much cheaper and easier ;) Small pool, reasonable prices (sunday and monday specials!) but beautiful people and great look-out!

The Ocean:

Let it be Thailand, Spain or Usedom - priceless!

Ko Chang/Thailand

Bondai Beach/Australia


Ko Phi-Phi/Thailand

(tote bag: Boys Boys Boys)

Listening to:

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