Memory Of The Day #33/ Que Sera, Sera…

Back in school we had to attend a career counseling where we had to ask ourselves a lot of questions to find out what would be the perfect job for our future. I was 15 and didn’t take it too serious, maybe because I already sensed that a normal job wouldn’t be my future?

I’ll try to answer them questions from my perspective TODAY, including the last two that didn’t come from the original questionaire ( Can then love be Sin? Am I a cool chick?)…

Are you physically and intellectually fit enough for your dream job = Traumjob ( so 90ies the word!) ?

- Yes, I guess so. But only if I eat healthy, do sports and sleep enough.

What are your talents?

-Pfuh, hard one. I guess I have so many medoicre talents that I spent the first 10 years of my adulthood to find out about them and sorted out some of them as career options…

Will you be single or married?

-Good question to ask a 15-year-old. Right now… single.

Are you flexible?

-All the more since I do yoga more frequently…

Do you like traveling?

-I love it, I would like to be paid for it!

Wanna have a career?

-Oh, yes, please, where do I have to sign?




Can then love be Sin?

-I don’t think so. Emotional as well as physical love is one of the greatest inventions of manhood (apart from penisses, chocolate and champagne).

Am I a cool chick?

Well I guess that’s the answer to what my dream job is gonna be.

Being a cool chick.

Simple as it is.

Couldn’t have somebody encouraged me when I was 15?

…Oh, no, wait, I was busy shooting drunk half nude party pics in the bathrooms of friends houses whose parents were on holiday…


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