Monday Morning Glory #30/ Music Is My Lovers

30 weeks of Monday Morning Glory. 30 weeks of Sophia life.

Last week was full of music.

Tuesday I went to see Perfume Genius at Privatclub in Kreuzberg. Was beautiful and very gay. The temperature was at 50 degrees Celsius.

Wednesday I djied at the premiere of the extraordinary documentary “Meine Freiheit, deine Freiheit” at Berlin’s Volksbühne. Watch it if you get the chance!

Thursday I saw dear Olli Schulz playing on a rooftop in Wedding while the sun went down. A very impressive scenery and if this stupid son of a famous German actress, that’s known best for drug abuse and criminal offence, wouldn’t have stood behind us and talked about fisting, fat canadian squirrels eating oreos and other bullshit - it would have been perfect.

After that I rushed to the bad tasty furnished Sage Club to see Kami play, these sweet french guys who did the amazing video for my Advent calender.

They were really good and dedicated a song to me on stage, I was nearly moved to tears…

Friday I went to see Grimes in the stuffed sold-out Berghain. Very very nice indeed:

After that the VOID party at Backyard, with an Austra DJ set (isn’t it funny that Grimes and Austra played Berlin the very same night?) and the appearance of the whole Grimes and Austra entourage, including the artists (and dancers :) )

Saturday some djing at Bravo Bar, sunday rest and friends icecream time at the Kanal, avoiding Karneval der Kulturen…

I am a very happy Sophia and I leave my appartement in 5 minutes to go to the airport and fly to Moscow for the next 8 days!

Have a good one!

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