Monday Morning Glory #33 / 48 Std Neukölln Barbecue

Hello, we are the girls from Tigeress. That’s how we look on a sunday night after another exciting, beautiful weekend in Berlin…tired but happy.

Friday I wanted to find out how many handsome boys would fit on my balcony, 5 were no problem at all…

After the neighboors started to throw candies at us, we got away, rambling down Weserstrasse where the 48 Stunden Neukölln Madness was taking over.

At Weserland was a crazy party going on, when the police came and prepared to stay, the boss of this place asked me if I would dance naked on their car to distract them from destroying his party, friendly I refused…

On saturday we did a great Barbecue where Nina and I prepared an all-vegan buffet that was mjam mjam, we had some stinky russian pickles also and great, icecold vodka.

This is Pelamuschi, a georgian speciality, the sweetest Muschi you will ever get to eat…

This is me in the current issue of Mitteschön Magazin, complaining about drinking beer on a sunday afternoon…

Also last week:

Sophia met Amanda Palmer

Sophia met Vince Neil (Mötley Crüe)

Listening to:


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