Monday Morning Glory #34/ Happy Birthday To Miiiiiiiiiiiiii.

I went to munich to DJ in and out of my birthday and celebrate with my lovely parents and my friends from munich. It was  fantastic, exactly how I expected it but now I am ill.

Not exhausted, but ill. :(

But I guess it was worth it.

Thanks to everybody who celebrated with me and sent me congrats!


Friday we djed The Atomic Café! doing a Retro Britpop Night!

Sachertorte, hamm hamm!

Under the DJ booth is the new Backstage Area!

Best omelette with fresh chives by my hostess, who wasn’t willing to be photographed that early in the day!

Best present: This apron with the embroidery my mum did herself , the man in the back selling Steckerlfisch (grilled makerels of a stick) doesn’t look too convinced…

Dirk, my friend who runs the Biergarten - on a stick…

Look, it can be so beautiful and silent (the area where Oktoberfest takes place once a year)

Look, she can be so beautiful and silent (when she’s too hungover to talk bullshit)

Warm Welcome at Pimpernel!

Getting in the mood - dressing code of the evening:

Stupid T Shirts with almost nothing:

Under the DJ booth is the new Backstage Area!

Oh look what amazing presents you get as a DJ, cute, isn’t it?

Listening to:

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