A Monochrome Dinner in Vienna/ Photos

Last wednesday I cooked my Monochrome Dinner again, this time in Vienna, at a beautiful location, Kochklub Kuehn!

It was a wonderful night with a lot of old friends and new friends, the people of Kochklub and my pretty Schnippelboy Mark Baigent who brought me an apron, designed by his Label Mark&Julia.

My Vienna-based photographer friend Michelle Pauty took these beautiful photos…Thanks so much!

The Menu:

Amuse Gueule: Red Bread With Dried Tomatoes, A Red Lentil-Red Onion Spread And Red Pesto Cheese

Starter: Carrot-Almond-Soup With Hot Apricot Chutney AndCrispy Sweet Potato Chips

Main Course: Pea-Wasabi-Purée With Mixed Green Vegetables, Balcony-Herbs-Tofu Falafels, Breaded In Pumpkin Seeds  With Pumpkin Seed Oil

Dessert: Blueberry Frozen Yoghurt with fresh berries




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