My Top 15 Bad Girl Songs

Bad Girl Songs can be sung by the girls themselves about how bad ass they are or by men about mean, kinky or nasty female shitkickers…

Here’s my personal Top 15 with the videos ( hope they’re all available in Germany because I am in Austria at the moment, so can’t be sure!) and along with an excerpt of the lyrics, Yay!

1. I Want To Be Evil - Eartha Kitt

(…and in the theater I want to change my seat, just so I can step on everybody’s feet)

2. Born To Be Bad - The Runaways

(…I want you to bring me his ears to satisfy my mad desires and if he bites the dust,
we’ll just have to miss my fire…)

3. She - Suede

(…She, walking like a killer, She, another night another pillow…)

4. Dirty Diana - Michael Jackson

(…She Likes The Boys In The Band, she Knows When They Come To Town , every Musician’s Fan After The Curtain Comes Down, she Waits At Backstage Doors for Those Who Have Prestige, Who Promise  Fortune And Fame, A Life That’s So Carefree…)

5. Darling Niki - Prince

(…I met her in a hotel lobby, masturbating with a magazine, she said howd u like 2 waste some time and I could not resist when I saw little nikki grind…)

6. Teenage Whore - Hole

(…When I was a teenage whore my mother asked me she said, “Baby, what for?
I give you plenty, why do you want more? Baby why are you a teenage whore?”…)

7. 2 Guys 4 Every Girl - Peaches

(…once you boys get started you’ll be at it for hours, come on boys i know your not damn cowards, just remember an ass is an ass, so roll over have yourself a blast…)

8. S&M - Rihanna

(…Cause I may be bad, but I’m perfectly good at it, Sex in the air, I don’t care, I love the smell of it, Sticks and stones may break my bones but chains and whips excite me…)

9. Work It - Missy Elliot

(…Call before you come, I need to shave my chocha, You do or you don’t or you will or you won’t cha , Go downtown and eat it like a vulcha, See my hips and my tips don’t cha,
See my ass and my lips don’t cha

10. Maneater - Hall&Oates

(…The woman is wild, a she-cat tamed by the purr of a Jaguar…)

11. Superfreak - Rick James

(That Girl Is Pretty Kinky, that Girls A Super Freak, I Really Love To Taste Her, Every Time We Meet…)

12. Bad Girls - Donna Summer

(you’re such a naughty bad girl, beep beep ah-ha…)

13. Bossy - Kelis

(…Ooh, lemme slow it down for ya so you can catch the flow (catch the flow) , Screw it up make it go extra slow (extra slow) , Real girls get down on the flo’ (on the flo’ get down, on the flo’) , Ooh, I gave you a taste you want some more (touch down) , On it like a pro…)

14. Oops Oh My - Tweet

(…Ooh, some kinda touch careesing my legs, Oh my, Ooh I’m turning red, Who could this be?…)

15. Druscillapenny - The Carpenters

(…I don’t need a horoscope to tell me where you’re at, your family’s probably given up on you since you began to follow groups of long-haired rock’n rollers, I can hear your mother crying for her daughter…)

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  1. made my way to your blog from bing and and am glad i found it, hope you keep up the good work

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