My Top 5 Budget Food Places In Berlin

Berlin has a million options to eat out. From cheapest döner in town (I once saw an opening offer for 1 Cent!! and there was a blockbuster queue down the block) to really high class restaurants (also vegetarian and vegan). But there’s always places that you go to again and again - so for friends who come to visit - I would recommend these places, I really go there frequently!


No secret anymore - a vietnamese place at Hasenheide near Hermannplatz that is always crowded. Because the food is great and it’s very affordable. There’s always two daily offers for 4,90 Euro, one curry dish with a lot of fresh salad, veggies and nuts and mostly one noodle dish. But can be served vegetarian with tofu. there is a menu with soups - but go for the curry - it’s the best! There are rumours about flavour enhancers - I wanna ignore them…

As Hamy is next door to my gymn - I go there quite often after sports - they have great fruit shakes (Wassernabel), fresh ginger and lemongrass tea and sweet viet coffee, but be prepared to be seated on a table with strangers, Hamy is not a place to hang out for hours - it’s for eating!


I love the pizza at Cicciolina. First I love the name of this italian place at Spreewaldplatz, next to Görlitzer Park and the public pool. Cicciolina was this italian 1980ies-porn goddess-turned wife of Jeff Koons-turned politician with the unbelieveable eyebrows.

But Cicciolina also just means sweetheart/Schnuckelchen. The restaurant is not super-budget but still very affordable, the stuff is young-lovely-modern-italian, the summer garden with cherry trees is very cosy and they have great vegetarian pizza option such as grilled zucchini with mints leaves or grilled antipasti with pistacios, you can also order them vegan without cheese. Pizzas between 5,40 and 9,50.

Café Vux

Café Vux is a vegan café in Böhmischer Kiez. If you haven’t been there go and see the area around Richardplatz, you will feel like in a Fin de siècle-movie and you will wanna live there! Near Richardplatz is Café Vux that offers fantastic cakes, wafers and cookies and also a great brunch on weekends, which is always very crowded. They have posh drinks like iced matcha and hot chocolate with homemade lavender sirup. A great place to show people the great options of vegan eating. The chocolate tarte is devilish!

Jimmy Woo

Jimmy Woo is located in Reuterkiez between Hermannplatz and Schönleinstrasse. There are many food places there like Manuela, a nice spanish tapas place or the swedish Café Valentin in Sanderstr, but at Jimmy Woo you get the best asian soups. You can try the curries and yes, the starters are nice too, but go for one of the big pots of steaming soup with noodles, veggies and meat, fish or tofu - makes you happy!

Sun Day Burgers

Sun Day Burgers is located in Markthalle Neun, the place where food events such as Naschmarkt and Streetfood Thursday take place. But Sun Day Burgers can also be eaten at Mauerpark Fleamarket and other places, for more infos check their Homepage!

I am not a burger lover, I don’t care about food between bread too much but these are really lovely, wholemeal breadrolls, marinated grilled tofu, sprouts, beetroots, tomatoes, spinach and three homemade sauces you can choose from (chili, mango, peanut) for around 4 euros. They also make great green smoothies and sweet stuff like avocado lime cake (gluten free & raw), nougat brownies and coconut brownies (gluten free).

And there’s also…

- Café Dritter Raum in Neukölln (Hertzbergplatz) with great brunch buffet on saturdays/sundays and lots of vegetarian offers
-Schiller Burger, where I only go for the sweet potatoe fries (they have vegetarian options)
-Mercosy, a small place for great fresh pasta that my friend Johannes from Merkezi just opened at Dresdner Strasse
so many more…

Therefore: Enjoy Berlin - Happa Happa!


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