Oh-Sophia’s Advent Calendar 2012 - Reptile Youth

Hello You’s!

Last year I had an Advent Calendar on my blog which featured 24 videos, every day featuring a cool musician, artist, freak…you can find the best ones still on my Youtube Channel!

This year I decided only to post videos every few days and therefore very special ones ( Icona Pop, Tocotronic, H.Gicht, Michael Buchinger, Mary Ocher….) so be prepared…in the meantime I need my blogspace for Happa Happa, hope U don’t mind ;)

Today on the 1st of December we got a bit of snow here in Berlin (at least for 3 hours)…

And I present you this lovely video of the great danish band Reptile Youth, I met them a few weeks ago for Faux Fox Magazine and although (or maybe because) we were all very hungover, it was such a nice chilly interview, they told me about traditional Christmas rites from their home…




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