One Week Of Singing/Georg Kreisler R.I.P. - The Ultimate Mix

Georg Kreisler is dead. He was very old. Still an angry old man. He was one of my earliest and greatest inspirations for black humor and the gift to say indiscrete things in the most powerful and humorous way. When I was a little girl my Daddy gave me a tape with his songs and even if they made me feel uncomfortable and I didn’t understand everything, I sang along for years and years until the tape fell apart.

His german lyrics are fantastic but what some people might not know is that he wrote a lot of english songs, too, because he was jewish, so he started his career in the U.S..

His english songs are great as well. I made a little mix with my favorite songs for you, even if I am still searching for “Marie Galetta”, a song that was on the tape I used to listen to as a child. If anybody has it, please tell me!!!

There are also some english songs, enjoy and share it!


I will never forget those Vienna Nights, when, at some of our LessTalkMoreRock-Parties I played “Wien ohne Wiener”, which is a Waltz, as the last song as the last song and everybody started waltzing…

This is my Dad singing “Taubenvergiften”, so you see, the Kreisler-Love lies in the family…

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  1. marie galetta gibt’s auf spotify - versuch dir’s grad in ein video einzuspielen und schick dir dann den link :)

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