Oh-Sophia’s Advent Calendar: 2nd December 2011/Vera (Luise Pop)

Today we have a contribution for the Advent Calendar by Vera Kropf, singer of the Vienna/Belin-based band Luise Pop sings “Love Me Tender” by Elvis on her way through the pre-Christmas Berlin.

Vera also has a new musical projekt, Half Girl, and she starts touring TODAY through Germany and Austria, here are the dates - be there or be a boring fucker.

2.12. Berlin, King Kong Klub
4.12. Hamburg, Hafenklang
5.12. Leipzig, Ilses Erika
6.12. Wien, B72
7.12. Innsbruck, Weekender
8.12. Dornbirn, Spielboden
9.12. Klagenfurt, Haus der Architektur
10.12. Linz, Posthof



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Daily Happa # 15

Kichererbsen-Eintopf mit Zucchini, roten und gelben Tomaten und Grana Padano

chickpea stew with zucchini, red and yellow tomatoes and Grana Padano

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Oh-Sophia’s Advent Calendar: 1st December 2011/Kami

Yes-Yes-Yes, today is the 1st of december and the first day of my official Oh-Sophia Advent Calendar. Every Day until Christmas I will present you a special video created/donated/ animated/commited by a musician/band/artist/special friend/favorite gay such as Surkin, Paperbird, Balthazar, Gotye, Gary, UhOh, Ian Fisher, Scream Club, Nias, Agent Cooper (if they hopefully ever recover…), Vera from Luise Pop, French Films, my family  - The Browns, Honningbarna, Pelin from London and many more…

The Browns

To start with, I chose this amazing video the guys from the great french band KAMI made for me. When I first saw it, I must say, I was almost moved to tears…

They perform an acoustic version of their song Cherry Stone at a very special place…

And I wanted to be on this little island with them or at least on the boat or at least in the south of France, awwwhhhh….

Thank You Hervé & Mart & Max !!

Check out Kami on Facebook and become a fan!!!

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Sex mit Tieren verboten?

Share a laugh…

From the archive (2007) of my beloved friend March Storm, the mistress of the green dots

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Daily Happa # 14

Salzkartoffeln mit Rosenkohlscheibchen in pikanter Senfsoße und gebratenem Tofu mit süß-scharfer Sesamkruste

salted potaoes, brussels sprouts in a savoury mustard sauce and grilled tofu with a sweet-spicy sesame crust

Listening to:

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Music Is My Lover/ [email protected]/Berlin

A friend of mine, who has been into M83 for ages, was completely surprised when he tried to buy a ticket a few days ago and discovered the the concert at Berlin’s Gretchen had been sold out for a long time, he said “The last times I was there almost on my own….”, which might be a bit exaggerated but he is right, there has been some hype about this french band lately and maybe it has to do with their 2009-support for Depeche Mode on their world-tour which introduced them to a bigger audience, maybe they had some good promotion or maybe it is just because they are great and the masses appreciate that at last (M83 exists since the year 2000!)

So the Gretchen Club was stuffed, still I am not sure if I like this place, the acoustics is okay if there are a lot of people and it looks creepy like a mixture of an old cathedral and a 80ies trash haunted house, but if you wanna go to toilet during a concert, you have to cross the whole audience, pass the stage sideways and all the way back, that sucks big time!

But I forgot about that as soon as the concert started. First they played the Intro from the recent album “Hurry up, we’re dreaming” as the intro of the concert, I captured it on bad quality mobile film…

What can I say, the whole show was amazing, people were freaking out in a very indirect way, only few of them raising their hands and dancing, 90% paralyzed and hypnotized, but at the end of each song breaking out into a hurricane of applause..

At some points the beats were so loud and intense that people stood there, covering their ears in pain, but for me it was a good pain!

Their first single from “Hurry up…” - Midnight City:

The big angry security man besides the stage…

“Wait” live:

After an intense set of about an hour ( maybe it only appeared that shortly because every song’s live version is at least 4 minutes or just because it was great!) they played two encores, ending in a freaking beat bombing techno salad that turned the whole audience into a bunch of armraising jumping maniacs. That’s Berlin, it all starts and ends with Techno! 


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Daily Happa # 13/ Pancake Salty Vs. Sweet

I had some leftover pancakes yesterday, so I decided to do a salty dish and a sweet dessert, still I cannot decide which I prefer, guess I love them both….

Fritattensuppe a.k.a. Pfannkuchensuppe a.k.a. Flädlesuppe

clear pancake-vegetable-soup

Süße Pfannkuchen, gefüllt mit Erdbeermarmelade und Topfen/ Schokocreme und gerösteten Kokosflakes

sweet pancakes, filled with strawberry jam/ curd and chocolate cream with roasted coconut flakes


Listening to:

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Daily Happa # 12

Gnocchi mit Spinat-Fenchel-Lachs-Ziegenfrischkäse-Verhau und Tagesplanung von Muji

Gnocchi with spinach-fennel-salmon-goat cream cheese- clutter and calendar by Muji

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Monday Morning Glory # 6

Good Morning Sunshine!

Good Morning Sparrows in the hedges!

Listen, there are 1000s of them!

My weekend in pictures:

my friend Anna’s finger, she’s a hairdresser and that’s a patch from a scissor company that comes along with the scissors…good idea…

My motto for the upcoming week (just joking)…

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Oh-Sophia’s Advent Calendar - The Teaser

OMG - today is already the 1st advent sunday, inbelieveable, Christmas always comes so fast!

I will present you a very special advent calendar on my blog in the following weeks with a contribution of a musician, artist, cool person or favorite gay (or all in one person) EVERY FUCKING DAY from 1st until the 24th of december!

Here Is a little teaser featuring Paperbird, Ian Fisher, Balthazar, Surkin and Gotye!

Many more to come, so stay tuned!

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