Quatsch Of The Day #4

doing silly poses while making fotos for internet sale schnick schnack…

while listening to  The Walker Brothers…

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Daily Happa # 7

geräucherte Makrele mit Rucola und mediteranem Schmorgemüse

smoked mackerel with rucola salad and mediteranian vegetable stew

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Porn Of The Week # 3

This week I present you a 1980ies vintage classic :

Hot Fuck In UV Light

Amazing in a trashy trashy way…

Have a nice weekend!

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Trash Tattoo Session With Macho And Her Gun

Yesterday I got a new tattoo. In the cosy surrounding of the Fab Lab, an Independent community oriented art gallery, that does Exhibitions, workshops, screenings and performances, run by the wunderbar Cindy Wunderbar. And sometimes Tattoo Sessions. Macho, the girl who tattoed me, is all DIY, an artist, that uses a tattoo gun from time to time. She tells you before she starts that she’s no professional and how it’s gonna look…and I am completely fine with the result..Here’s some pictures from yesterday, Thanks Kim Yaged for taking them !!
That’s Macho (without her Gun):

and that’s Macho after 11 hours of tattoing…

so we got started, I was the fifth person she tattoed yesterday and she did two more after me…

…up here it hurts a little bit…hahaha…

…discussing some last details…


…one happy client!!

Thanks a lot, I did this one for my friend March Storm, who wanted to get this tattoo but died under tragic circumstances a few months ago. Here, this is for you, my blood, my pain, I Love You!

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Daily Happa # 6

einfacher Eintopf aus rote Beete, Karotten, Seitan, Frühlingszwiebeln mit Thymian, Knoblauch und frischer Chili dazu der beste Schmand der Welt aus dem russischen Supermarkt, Smetana . Und ein gemischter Salat mit Birne, Walnüssen und einer klassischen Vinaigrette

simple stew made of beetroots, carrots, seitan, spring onions with thyme, garlic and fresh chili peppers topped with the best “schmand” ( similar to sour cream) in the world from the russian supermarket - SMETANA. Mixed salad with pear, walnuts and a classic french vinaigrette.


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Swearing With The Bands

I like to ask musicians I interview (mostly for StylishKidsInRiot) what their favorite swearword is.

I made a little video of the results featuring Surkin, Honningbarna, Gotye, Dee Plume from Robots In Disguise..

Just because I am interested in every day bullshit, fuck, yo. And because we can swear in this country as much as we want to…

Today I interviewed charming Mr.Gotye and…it’s a shame..my camera gave up seconds before he told me his favorite swearword, but I will tell you…it’s german and it’s


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Daily Happa # 5

In Butter geschwenkte Petersilkartoffeln mit einem Salat aus Cherry-Tomaten, geräucherten Makrelen, Mais und Smetana, russischem Schmand auf Rucola

buttered potatoes with parsley, salad made of cherry tomatoes, sweet corn, smoked mackerel and smetana, russian sour cream on rucola

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One Night With Alice…

Fucking Cooper.

Today I am just completely satisfied and happy. And I have to get away from my Alice-Cooper-Addiction just a little bit and concentrate on the other things happening in my life right now.


- preparing interviews with Gotye and Azari&III this week

-planing the hopefully soon-to-come first Schlemmerweeks In Echt Event In Berlin

-getting a new tattoo on thursday

-preparing the gonna-be-amazing advent calender for my blog (!!!)

-rob a bank nearby or find a 100-year-old billionaire to marry

But here’s some (trashy) photo and film material from yesterday..(it’s about time my talented camera girl Kathrin has to come back to Berlin!!) sorry for the bad quality!

first song - The Black Widow

throwing dollars pierced on a rapier into the audience…

Yes, it’s a real snake he carries around and the snake seems to really enjoy it’s 5 minutes of fame…

Nina and me trying to take our photo with Alice in the backgroud - fail #1

fail #2

finally ge got it and with the guillotine!

cause now it’s execution time…

Is this really me, saying: Oh, Gott, ich kann gar nicht hinschauen? hahahahaha!

and now it’s Frankenstein time…

I wanna be elected
We’re gonna rock to the rules that I make
I wanna be elected, elected, elected
I never lied to you, I’ve always been cool
I wanna be elected - why not me???

who’s finger is that?

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Oh, Sophia - Titten

Meine Kolumne aus dem Volume Magazin zum Thema Brüste, Sunshine gleaming Sunshine at my place!

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Monday Morning Glory #4

My weekend started on Thursday when I interviewed Balthazar, an amazing band from Gent, Belgium. The interview will be online in the next days on Stylish Kids In Riot!

They played in Franzz Club and after we enjoyed the concert, we went to Nico’s rumbling birthday party in the dark coves of Wowsville Bar in Kreuzberg!
What a blast!

Friday there was a lot of baking and writing dirty columns for Volume going on (topics such as Poly- VS. Monogamy and Penis Envy), also watching Purple Rain, before we got our part of free Moskau Mules at Voo Store’s 1st Birthday Party and then rushed to another birthday party to hand over freshly baked cookie penisses, eat Mettigel, talk to a cute cat, drink even more Wodka and shower in red champagne…


Writing about these bands:

Light Asylum


Nite Jewel

Maskenball at Wilde Renate. André Uhl djing phat Hip Hop.

fell in Love with Big Stu!


sunshine. outside. autumn. dirty talk in the kitchen with my favorite gay couple. nighty.

thinking of summer…



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