A Loveletter To UHOH/ Ride On - Auxiliary Tha Masterfader Remix Free Download

When I am djing together with Nina AC Casey as Tigeress people always say: “Yeah, everyone can see it, you’ve such an energy as you know each other for such a long time!”

Funny - isn’t it?

Because it is not true actually, we only really met when we both moved to Berlin around the turn of the year 2008/2009. I left munich in 2003 to live in Vienna and before that, when we both shared the same hometown, we only knew each other vaguely from the scene.

I was mostly known for being  “the girlfriend of…” back then and she was the cool blonde chick that played bass in bavarian indie gods Miles and Crash Tokio and worked in several clubs.

To cut a long sentimental story short: What happened was that we were introduced in Berlin in December 2008, Nina was playing support for some swedish songstress I already forgot the name of and I was instantly impressed:

UHOH =costumes, great pop songs, a great stage personality, dressed up men, it was a feast!

Playing in Testosterone Indie Guys Bands for years and years this woman had finally found and founded her very own playground and was about to expand it!

I invited her to play at a carneval party we did in Vienna’s Fluc Wanne 2 months later, the audience loved UHOH (who were brand new back then) and we sang a duet at the end of the show…

Photo: Michele Pauty

Around this time we decided to dj together under the name Tigeress DJs.

And - because we were serious - we had a Tiger tattoed. Together.

We felt like we would know each other for years. Sometimes falling in love is easy.

We shared amazing nights in clubs and most funny days in trains and planes since then and it seems like a good idea to write a book about that someday but today I wanna praise UHOH!

There is no band I have seen playing more often live than this one in the last 3 years.

So I saw an amazing developement performancewise and of the music.

They are getting better and better!

Even if you think they cannot get any better - they do!

In the last year UHOH have been recording an album with Berlin-based swedish producer Anders Ehlin who has working a.o. with Soffy O. He gave them the one last thing they needed, the result is dreamy, catchy, sophisticated, edgy, never-ever boring electronic pop music hymns!

Now they have released the first single from that album, it is called Ride On and comes with a nice video for which the footage was shot it California’s Big Sur.

You can buy the track here <——

AND - as a special treat you can download the AMAZING REMIX OF RIDE ON from dutch DJ/Producer Auxiliary Tha Masterfader 

While you’re listening to it, watch these amazing pics (click for big) from UHOH’s live performances and come to the next concert - I will keep you updated HERE!

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