Mi-Ma-Monday Morning Glory # 5

Hello World.

When I visited the concert of the squerical dreamical band PURE X from Austin,Texas last tuesday at Berghain Kantine, I was so bewildered, I almost fell into a hundred years beauty sleep, but instead I decided it would actually be nice to have a week of singing (because I used to sing so much and sometimes I completely forget about that and then I feel -not comfortable…)

Like in one of those old Hollywood movies where they always start singing and dancing out of nowhere…

…okay, this is more about dancing, but by the way it’s a great movie, Hellzapoppin’ , that was always shown in a cinema near my homeplace as a child at New Years Eve, I watched it a million times…

So there is something to do this week! I have guests tonight and what they don’t know is that they will also be part of my MUSIC WEEK and performing with me tonight, yeah!

And, as some of you might know, I had a classic singing education as a teenager and after my 18th birthday did everything to destroy the angel-like sweet soprano voice I used to have. I just discovered that my former singing teacher is on Facebook but I didn’t dare to add her, so maybe after this week I have enough material that I feel, I made her proud (somehow) and add her…

I found some of the old music sheets of the songs I practiced with her and so I start my week of singing with an improvised Out-Of-Bed-version of “I dreamed A Dream” from the musical “Les Misérables” (1980)…underneath you can watch Susan Boyle sing it, make your choice, hahaha!

seriously, when I watch it now, there’s a lot of practice to do, no traces of applied breathing techniques here at all…pfuhhhh…

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Eine Antwort auf Mi-Ma-Monday Morning Glory # 5

  1. Micha sagt:

    Ahoi, ich bin mal so frech und schreibe mal was im Blog. Sieht schnieke aus! Ich bin auch seit einige Zeit mit WordPress beschaeftigt einige Sachen sind mit aber noch fremd. Deine Seite ist mir da immer eine tolle Inspiration. Weiter so!

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