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Oh-Sophia’s Advent Calendar - Icona Pop

Juppidu, it’s Christmas Day/Christmas Eve today/night. I finalize my 2012 Advent Calendar with the sweetest swedish Christmas carol sung by Aino Jawo and Caroline Hjelt who rock the international stages as Icona Pop! (scroll down to watch the video!) You … Weiterlesen

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Monday Morning Glory #46 - Punch Drunk Weekend

That was an exciting, exhausting weekend. Started thursday with getting a new tattoo by Madame Chän (in Germany we call a hangover a KATER =a male cat, I only realised this weekend that my Fritz is a permanent Kater on … Weiterlesen

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Daily Happa #64/Chocomole Is King

I got this recipe from the SchmusiSchmusiSurferboy Singer Jason Mraz, who is so much in love with avocados that he invested his fame fortune into an avocado farm. Very sympathetic I must say, but that doesn’t mean I like his … Weiterlesen

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You´re From The Seventies But I’m A Nineties Bitch…

…sang the great swedish girls duo Icona Pop last wednesday at Kreuzberg’s Prince Charles and I became an instant fan. I hope to see them on BIG FESTIVAL STAGES soon, because they have such a live performance energy I haven’t … Weiterlesen

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