Normally I am not such a big fan of things you don’t really need that are just decoratice yet not very useful (ACHJA??)

But as I saw this, I thought, it looks so something inbetween weird, pretty and unique that I have to have it.
A very fragile porcelain hook that looks like the cut-off delicate forefinger of Snow White.

photo: Anette Herrmann

The german artist, Anette Herrmann, who makes them, sells them on etsy (they are 15 Euro each, very reasonable as they are handmade),it’s called EINHAKEN, go to her shop here…

So yesterday I placed it on my wall…

I was tempted to put some red nailpolish on the little cute nail, but I didn’t…

Now Snow White holds the necklace with my very own wisdom teeth, that has been a lucky charm for many many years…

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Monday Morning Glory #29/ Glückstag mit (R)Olli Schulz and Rummelbummel

Yesterday I roamed around to different Hot Spots in Berlin with the one and only Olli Schulz, the whole article with a lot of amazing photos will be featured in the june issue of Mitteschön Magazin, watch out, you get it all around Berlin for free!
After we finished with an afternoon beer at the notorious Rote Rose, I went to the annual fair at Hasenheide, Oh - I love them colourful lights, trashy fairground rides and yummy candy stuff!!!

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Sophia Meets I Heart Sharks

Last week I met the lovely Berlin-based band I Heart Sharks as they did a shooting for the Jägermeister Wirtshaustour that will be featured in the upcoming issue of Indie Magazine. Here Martin, Simon and Pierre were …ahem…willing to aswer me some random questions,more soon in Indie Magazine…
And…Martin really likes BANANAS!

Dates for the Wirtshaustour:
Thursday, 14.06.2012 Frankfurt
Location: Yachtklub
Deutschherrnufer/ Alter Brücke, 60594 Frankfurt am Main

Friday, 15.06.2012, Stuttgart
Location: Calwer Eck
Calwer Str. 31, 701173 Stuttgart

Saturday, 16.06.2012, München
Location: Augustiner Keller
Arnulfstr. 52, 80335 München

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Daily Happa #86/ Restl Pasta

When you think you have nothing left in the fridge - there’s always enough in it to prepare a plain simple pasta.

In this case:



olive oil


black olives

tomato puree

fresh basil (from the balcony)

throw it all together, roast in olive oil, add some tomato puree, a little water, a little vegetable stock powder and a little love .

Finih with fresh basil leaves and Grana Padano, Nom Nom Nom!

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Daily Happa #85/ These Little Things…

…that make me smile. Like the pea - stuck in the noodle.

And by the way. It’s a green dot!!!


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Daily Happa #84/ Primavera Italiana Polenta Party

Polenta with peas, spinach, green asparagus, tomatoes and Grana Padano, beautifully coloured, simple stuff!

Recipe for Polenta ( 2 servings):

150 ml water

2 tablespoons of vegetable stock powder

50 g butter

100 g polenta

olive oil



Heat the water with the vegetable stock powder, the add the butter and when it’s melted, add the polenta and stirr well with a wodden spoon for around a minute until it has a tight, elastic texture. Spread on a baking tray prepared with baking paper and let it cool for at least half an hour.

In the meantime you can cook the vegetables. Gently roast the peas, spinach and slices of asparagus in olive oil, add a little water and only flavor very little with salt and pepper, some fresh mint leaves would be good, too.

Leave the tomato raw and cut in into small slices. Then cut the polenta into rectangular shapes and fry them in heated olive oil as well.

Serve with Grana Padano and some simple rucola salad!

Mjam Mjam!

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Monday (Tuesday) Morning Glory #28/Tropical Hideaway

Oh, I was a little lazy yesterday and decided to turn monday into sunday, so here comes my Monday column tuesdayish…

I didn’t really go out this weekend, instead I wrote my ass off and made a beautiful trip to the Botanische Garten and the Tropenhaus to forget the cold weather and the lack of sun. It was like a short trip to a tropical island and we had a lot of fun…

Oh, look at those impressing cactuses…

The Koi Carp Lagoon

In German Schwingel also means Penis…

Picknick including champagne, Almdudler, salad, bread, smelly cheese, biscuit rolls, sweets, melon&raspberries,guacamole…

this felt like pussy…

broken cactus…

only funny in German…

I need to touch it all…

fucking Sci-Fi-Laserkraut!!

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Daily Happen # 83/ Healthy Biatch

After a serious thursday intoxication (Danke Hercules&Love Affair - Danke Matthew From Black Lodge and Your Vodka) I decided to have a healthy stay-in weekend. Well, I had to finish some writing work, too.

So I pampered myself with a few delicious, (un) healthy dishes, be inspired:

salad of red lentils, radish, celery, dill and smoked trout

oven grilled mushrooms, beetroots and sweet potatoes with oregano and a lot of garlic..

shortly gratined with buffalo mozarella…

served with simple radish salad (olive oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper)

roasted smoked tofu, carrots, zucchini, carrots, tomatoes and green asparagus with a sour cream pesto sauce…

the smallest marble cake in da world…


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Memory Of The Day #32/ Tribal Vs. Dragon Tattoo

I almost had a tribal tattoo done in the 90ies, because , you know, tribal tattoos were supposed to be pretty cool back then!

I ended up with a dragon tattoo right above my arse, which is okay, because I was 17 when I did it and back then it was the coolest thing (after a trap stamp, thank U god!!). Nowadays I mostly forget about it, because I can’t see it, unless a guy reminds me :D

But lately I found there pictures and remembered that I used to provide my male friends with on-painted tribal tattoos when we were at the beach on holiday. I did all that freestyle, cute, innit?

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Daily Happa #82/Chocomole Is King

I got this recipe from the SchmusiSchmusiSurferboy Singer Jason Mraz, who is so much in love with avocados that he invested his fame fortune into an avocado farm. Very sympathetic I must say, but that doesn’t mean I like his music :D

It’s a sweet version of Guacamole or let’s say a Mousse au Chocolat made from avocados. It is a very opulent dish so it’s nice to serve it with fruits, in this case I took honeydew melon slices…

Ingredients for a small serving for 4 people:

1 ripe avocado

the inside of half a vanilla bean

around 6 tablespoons of cocoa powder

around 6 dates, soaked in water for 1-2 hours

a bit of water

some agave syrup optionally

bash it all into a blender and purée it very well…takes a few minutes until it gets the right, thick, great, yummy texture!

Then - Enjoy it with fresh fruits!

Listening (not) to (Jason Mraz):



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